Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a new model of supported accommodation funded by the NDIS. It provides in-home support, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help individuals experiencing mental health challenges live with independence, in shared living arrangements in most instances. In certain situations of high support needs, SIL is also available for individual living arrangements.

Tailored to your needs 

At Vision Health Support Services  SIL accommodation, every resident is given choices to create an individually-tailored program of supports they need, to reflect how they want to live their life.

Mental health accommodation provides a place where someone who needs regular care can receive the necessary support. Someone with severe mental health issues could stay in the housing during a transitional period – before heading back home or continuing to another accommodation – to ensure they are safe and cared for during this time.

Support starts with everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking and personal care, with an aim to develop your skills to live as independently as possible.

For example, after working together to identify what areas of daily life you find most challenging, you may receive help with tasks including

  • decision making, daily planning and budgeting
  • building skills for shopping and cooking for healthy eating
  • written communication and filling in forms
  • specialized behaviour support
  • maintaining a household
  • developing and maintaining connections with family and friends.

Vision Health Support Service uses a mix of highly trained and experienced staff who can provide a safe and supportive environment.

Who is SIL for?  

SIL services are suitable for 18 to 65 olds who live with a psychosocial disability.