Recovery Coaching

Our team is entirely focused on your recovery, they are highly professional, experienced, and approachable. Engaging with one of our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team members will allow you to take more control of your life.

The roles and responsibilities of NDIS Recovery Coaches include but are not limited
1. Developing a recovery-enabling relationship.
2. Help you access support from mental health services.
3. Supporting participants’ engagement with the NDIS.
4. Coaching to increase recovery skills and personal capacity, including
motivation, strengths, resilience, and decision-making.
5. Supporting participants with their recovery planning.
6. Collaborating with the broader system of supports.
7. Engaging with one of our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team members is a relationship based on trust between you and your Recovery Coach, as well as your family and friends. Our Recovery Coaches work with you and your support team to improve your decision-making process and management of complex challenges presented in your daily life.
8. A Recovery Coach is not there to provide core supports, so you will still have access and assistance from support workers and carers. They will not replace these roles. A Recovery Coach will be funded in NDIS plans for people with psychosocial needs.
9. Availability – Our team is available to commence services immediately, which means no waitlists for those who require support.
10. Locations – Vision Health services are provided in the comfort of your own home. Our team is local people who know their communities and local providers.
11. Experience – With over 25 years of experience in providing disability and mental health support to our clients, Vision Health Support Services we are equipped to work with clients with specialist support needs.
12. Compatibility – our diverse, experienced support coordinators allows us to work with a broad variety of clients to achieve their unique goals and plan outcomes
13. Flexibility – We’re available for our clients at all times, including after-hours and weekends. We also don’t require clients to have a minimum funding amount in their plan.